Seven-star array of large satellites

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Star of David

The hexagonal symbols formed by two sets of equilateral triangles overlapping in opposite directions are of great significance in different cultures and are symbols of the connection between human spirituality and the universe, known as the "Star of David" or "Star of David". "Seal of Solomon". The lower triangle represents the body, the vitality of human life, and also the lower three chakras—the sun chakra, the navel chakra, and the bottom chakra. The upper triangle symbolizes the spirit and human spirituality, as well as the upper three chakras - the throat chakra, the eyebrow chakra, and the crown chakra. Where the two triangles overlap is where the heart chakra is.

Seven-star array of large satellites

The seven-star array plays a very important role in the use of crystals. The seven-star array is to place six crystal columns or crystal balls in two upside-down and overlapping equilateral triangles of the "Star of David", and place another one in the center. Larger crystal pillars or crystal balls form a "star shape", which is called a seven-star array. The base or chassis on which the seven-star array is placed must be made of natural materials, such as gold, silver, copper, wood, glass, ceramics, etc. It is not recommended to use artificial products such as plastic, acrylic, and resin. Otherwise, only relying on the mutual vibration between the crystal balls, but unable to connect, the effect will be discounted. The application of the seven-star spar array is to use this arrangement to make the crystals oscillate with each other in frequency, forming an atmospheric column invisible to the naked eye. After activation, it can connect more powerful forces in the universe to achieve their wishes.

basic concept

Crystals have powerful energy. If you use the crystal seven-star array, the energy will be even more powerful! The seven-star array can condense energy and maximize the magnetic field. Different types of crystals form different types of crystal seven-star arrays, such as white crystal seven-star arrays, which can help to control the house, ward off evil spirits, disperse negative energy, enhance spirituality, and calm the mind. Too much negative energy in the human body will lead to sickness. The magnetic field of the white crystal seven-star array can quickly improve the airflow of negative energy, purify the whole body, and restore the body to its vitality and health. You can also place different crystals on the same seven-star fortune according to your needs, and combine different seven-star arrays.

The Seven-Star Array of the Great Satellite is a representative of the mysterious power of crystals, a magic array that can make your dreams come true, and is also a representative work of Westerners using crystal energy. When using the crystal seven-star array, no matter you are in any aspect, such as career, wealth, family, marriage, etc., you can use the seven-star array composed of crystal balls/pillars to help you realize your wishes.

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